A true taste of the Caribbean.

Rum & Cola

The Bacardi Rum & Cola as a premix in the 330 ml can brings the popular rum, Bacardi, into the world of cocktails. The RUM MIXED DRINK is the perfect long drink in the can and convinces slightly refreshing and fully aromatic in taste. Best enjoyed well chilled. The long drink classic is bottled with 10.0% vol.

Sealed by re-cap

Protecting your drinks.

Produced with sustainably sourced plastics.

Saving millions of liters of beverages daily.

Made with

Together with and social enterprises we are collecting ocean-bound plastic in Southeast Asia, coordinated by our #tide subsidiary in Ranong, Thailand. On five islands in the Andaman Sea, local fishermen are being trained and paid to gather and sort plastic waste. The material is registered, washed and shredded in a social enterprise which is being implemented by the Swiss non-profit Jan & Oscar Foundation and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 

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