In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection, it is pleasing to see innovative solutions that not only make everyday life easier, but also actively contribute to reducing plastic waste.


RE-CAP is a patented on-shell cap for reclosing standard beverage cans or other metal containers after opening.

The recyclable two-component PET cap is placed on the closed can after the filling process.

RE-CAP resealable beverage cans

We have opted for a product upgrade that preserves the familiar appearance of the beverage can and at the same time raises the product to a new level - without compromising on quality and functionality. 



The can opening cannot be contaminated at any time. This prevents the lips from coming into contact with a previously unprotected area after opening. The RE-CAP thus creates a hygienic barrier and increases the safety of the drinking experience

Can design

The RE-CAP On-Shell cap allows the traditional can design to be retained. The stackability is not impaired, the outer diameter of the cans remains unchanged

The recycling process

The RE-CAP itself is recyclable and can simply be removed from the beverage can after use and returned to the recycling cycle.

RE-CAP Benefits

Familiar sound when opening the can

The characteristic sound of opening a beverage can is familiar to many consumers and part of the overall experience. RE-CAP´s On-shell cap ensures that this sound is retained


against the ingress of dirt, insects or foreign substances,


of food waste and spillage of the contents

Closer to Convenience 

RE-CAP recycling

The RE-CAP itself is recyclable and can be easily removed from the beverage can after use. 

RE-CAP Solutions

15-25 grams of plastic (PET-PE) can be saved per container.
The recycling rate for beverage cans in Germany is currently over 99.3%.

RE-CAP Solutions

RE-CAP SOLUTIONS main aim is to optimise the beverage can with the unique RE-CAP closure. This makes it possible to easily reseal the can without compromising the original can design and the functionality of the closure.

Our pilot line

Our pilot line, with a current maximum annual production volume of 1 million units, is more than just a numerical achievement - it is a live demonstration of the proof of concept for our product. It also serves as a dynamic platform for continuous development.

RE-CAP Solutions pilot line

Strategic partners

We now want to take the next step from the pre-seed and proof-of-concept  phase into the seed-phase.

We are looking for strategic partners from the beverage can industry to get our minimum viable product into the market

If your company is interested in a strategic partnership with RE-CAP SOLUTIONS, we would be delighted to hear from you.

News and Publications

World BEVERAGE Innovation Awards 2022

RE-CAP wins the World Beverage Innovation Awards as the BEST DISPENSE CONCEPT.

Meet the team behind

Markus Rademacher

Co-founder - Managing Partner

Christian Sooth

Co-founder - Finances

Jürgen Sooth

Co-founder - Development

Our partners

Vorbach GmbH & Co.KG

Vorbach GmbH & Co. KG is a family business that has existed since 1953 and is now run by the 2nd generation.
We build complex injection moulds for the plastics processing industry.

Schuster Sondermaschinenbau GmbH

Innovative company has its core competences in special machine and plant construction as well as in the development of prototypes.



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